Wills & probate solicitors in Somerset & Bristol

Whether you’re planning for the future or dealing with the affairs of a loved one, our specialist Wills and probate solicitors in Bristol and Shepton Mallet are on hand to provide practical advice and support at every stage of the process.

Will writing specialists

We’re used to dealing with a range of Wills – from the very simple to more complex arrangements involving multiple trusts and beneficiaries. One size really doesn’t fit all, which is why we work with you to create a Will which reflects your personal circumstances and priorities.

As well as writing new Wills, we can update your current Will if your circumstances have changed. We’re here to ensure that you’re making good use of all inheritance tax reliefs and exemptions, and that your assets are protected against long-term residential care costs.

We can also help you register a Lasting Power of Attorney (known as an LPA) to protect against mental incapacity in the future.

Unless your circumstances change, the fixed fee we quote for our Will writing services will be the price you’ll pay. We’ll even securely store your new Will – for free.

Experienced probate solicitors

A Will holds most significance after the holder’s death. If someone close to you has passed away, you can be assured that our probate solicitors will work efficiently and sensitively with you at this difficult time.

We understand just how overwhelming it can be when faced with managing the practicalities of a loved one’s death. If you don’t know where to start with probate, speak to our experienced team; we’re personal, emphatic and easy to talk to. We’ll explain the probate process in clear English so that you’re fully aware of what will be happening – and when.

If you’re the executor of a Will, we can provide as much or as little support as you need – from obtaining the grant of probate through to full administration of the estate.

To speak to a Will and probate solicitor in Bristol or Somerset, call our Will writers in Bristol, Bridgwater or Shepton Mallet, Somerset, call our Bristol office on 0117 972 1261, Bridgwater office on 01278 554228 or our Shepton Mallet Wills and Probate team on 01749 345 756.

We offer a comprehensive Wills, estate and probate service for clients in South Bristol and Somerset, covering Sedgemoor, Taunton, Burnham-on-Sea, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury, Street, Frome and Chew Magna.

Will writing in Bristol & Somerset

Whether you’re writing your first Will or updating an existing Will, our experienced Will writers in Bristol and the Mendips will provide clear, practical advice on making a Will that protects your interests, is clearly written and legally valid.

Why you should make a Will

Writing a Will is a job that is easily put off to another day. It’s human nature; none of us want to face the prospect of our own mortality.

But arguably a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever own. Writing a Will is the only way to ensure that your assets and possessions – this is everything you own and have worked hard for – are passed on as you would choose.

If you die intestate (or die without a valid Will in place), the state will determine how your estate is split. There’s a very strict order of entitlement, starting with immediate next-of-kin and with little consideration for modern relationships – meaning you run the very real risk that your assets will not be distributed as you would intended.

The benefits of writing a Will

The benefits of writing a Will are numerous. At the very least it will give you valuable peace of mind that your assets will be passed on exactly how you want after your death. You can also choose to exclude certain people who may otherwise have a valid claim on your estate – an ex-spouse or estranged family member, for example.

Think you’re protected by ‘common law’? Think again; it’s a myth. If you’re unmarried or in a civil partnership, a Will is the only way to ensure that your partner gets exactly what they should after your death.

You can also use your Will to:

  • Appoint guardians to take care of children under 18
  • Minimise tax liabilities and create trusts to preserve wealth
  • Pass on specific items of sentimental or personal value
  • Make provision for future grandchildren
  • State your funeral wishes

But perhaps most importantly of all, putting in a place a Will relieves your family and loved ones of the emotional and financial burden of having to make important decisions at what is likely to be a difficult time for them.

What does the Will writing process involve?

Writing a Will doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult. Simply think of it as planning for the future.

We’ll make the process as simple as possible for you. We’ll take the time to understand you, what you own and the people that matter to you so that we can advise you on the most tax-efficient way of structuring your Will and distributing your assets. We can also talk to you about LPAs and trusts if they’re relevant for you. Don’t worry about legal jargon; we don’t confuse our clients. We’ll explain everything in clear English so you understand fully what’s happening, why and when.

Once you’ve approved your Will and it’s been properly signed and witnessed, we securely store it for you – for free, of course. What could be simpler?

Updating your Will

Things change, people change, relationships change. If you’ve already written your Will, don’t forget about it.

Modern relationships are diverse. Marriage, divorce, civil partnerships, cohabitees. Children, step-children and grandchildren. If you have an existing Will, speak to our Will writers about reviewing it regularly to ensure that it still accurately reflects your wishes.

There’s little doubt that death and incapacity are not subjects we’d choose to dwell on; but the importance of looking after loved one and ensuring that they’re protected is something we can all relate to.

To speak to a Wills solicitor in Bristol or Somerset, call our specialist Will writers in Shepton Mallet on 01749 345 756 or our Bristol sol