Core Values

  1. Expertise
  2. Approachable
  3. Accessable
  4. Progressive
  5. Deadline-driven
  6. Communication

Core values for a much better client experience

When we set up our practice in 2014 the decision was prompted by a mix of frustration and desire; frustration that other firms did not value the things that we felt were most important and the desire to give clients the kind of service we knew they desperately wanted.

We have placed these values at the heart of everything we do:

A focus on expertise

Achieving the best possible result for you is our number one priority. We therefore employ exceptionally knowledgeable and capable people who we continue to develop to their full potential, ensuring we stay a step ahead of our competition.

Friendly and approachable service

Many of our clients have never had any experience with a law firm before. Whether they are buying their first home or setting up in business they are probably excited but nervous. We go out of our way to ensure that every interaction with us is friendly, welcoming and understanding and that we are unfailingly sympathetic to their needs.

Accessible law, accessible lawyers

The law is complicated enough without lawyers making it more so. This is NOT the Lyons Bowe way! We work hard to demystify the law, using plain English with a relaxed and informal approach.

Progressive methods and attitudes

Our clients’ lives are continuously being transformed by ever evolving technology and as a business we are quick to reflect this. We take a thoroughly modern approach to the way in which we provide our services. The client and their needs always come first. We are available to talk or act, whenever you require. As situations change we are there to respond swiftly.

Your deadlines matter

When you instruct a lawyer, whether it is for a house transaction, a business deal or a family situation, you want everything wrapped up by an agreed date. We do everything we can to meet your deadlines every time.

Always keeping you informed

A frequent complaint about the legal profession is poor communication. Clients are not kept informed about progress and have to continually chase their lawyers for updates. We’ve really taken this complaint to heart.

Our residential conveyancing portal provides an individual username and password to each client enabling them to monitor the progress of their transactions, whilst also receiving regular automatic updates on key stages.